Canadians Love Marijuana Edibles 

Canadians And Weed Edibles

If there's one thing we know about our fellow country men and women, it's that Canadians love their legal weed.

Whether it's a fat bong bowl full of some dank BC bud , a dab of some top shelf shatter, or a tasty marijuana edible, us Canuck's thoroughly enjoy all that is weed.

Now that marijuana edibles are legal in Canada, they are flying off the shelves of retail cannabis stores.

In facts, Canadian stoners love edibles so much that we were willing to fight for it in Canada’s highest court. No pun intended.

Edible THC Marijuana Chocolates

The Smith Trial

Back in June of 2015, Canadian cannabis legend, and cannabis baker extraordinaire, Owen Smith, won a landmark decision in a Supreme Court Of Canada ruling that decided marijuana should be made available to medical cannabis patients in all forms, and not just in the dried flower form as previously stipulated by the Canadian federal government.

This opened the doors to a whole new landscape of marijuana edibles available to Canadian medical cannabis consumers from coast to coast, or so we thought.

When the Canadian federal government first announced their plans for nationwide legalization of marijuana, edibles were not included.

At the time, Many cities including Vancouver and Victoria had also banned the sales of edibles in their locally licensed cannabis dispensaries, to the dismay of many users.

In December of 2019 , Legalization 2.0 took place and legal cannabis edibles finally went on sale across.

People who are new to the subject often ask, what makes marijuana edibles so popular?

We have compiled a list of 5 reasons to love marijuana edibles

Marijuana Edibles - Weed Gummy Jelly Bomb ZzzBomb

1.Smoke Free

One of the main reasons why so many Canadian cannabis consumers choose to use marijuana edibles is to avoid any harms caused by smoking.

While we all know marijuana to be safe, any type of smoke produces carcinogens, and carcinogens in any concentration, aren't that safe for our lungs.

Weed candies, baked goods, beverages and so on provide marijuana users with both ,a delicious treat and an excellent, effective, smoke free option that does not carry any of the risks associated with inhalation.

The fact that marijuana edibles are smoke free also lends to their discreteness. No smoke + No Smell = All Good! With a well manufactured marijuana edible you can use your cannabis in secret.

2.Taste Like Candy ( Literally )

Who doesn't love a good sweet?

Another One of the reasons marijuana edibles are so popular in both Canada, and the USA, is because they taste so good and they work so well.

There isn't a food product that you won't find infused in the wild world of weed. Cannabis gummy bears, weed chocolate truffles, bho beef jerky, cbd cookies, and the plethora of amazing marijuana edible products available on the market provide an amazing treat while boasting magnificent medicinal benefits.

Edible Weed Coconut Oil

3.Longer High

Reason number 3 ,why Canadian pot enthusiasts love marijuana edibles is because of the long lasting effects.

While the onset of the effects often takes longer with marijuana edibles, the length of time in which the effects last ,is also longer.

The effects of cannabis ingested orally can last u to 4 hours compared to just 2 hours when smoked or vaporized.

This makes using legal marijuana edibles more efficient than smoking due to needing to use less frequently!

Marijuana Infused Brownies

4. Selection

The selection of marijuana edibles available on the market is enough to stock a supermarket. this is another reason why marijuana edibles are so popular in Canada.

From cannabis infused cereals, to cooking oils, jams, and even thc potato chips, there is not much in the world of food that hasn't been infused with marijuana.

Looking for hash infused juice? Its out there. THC BBQ Sauce? They got that to.

How about marijuana cotton candy? You bet.

We have seen 3 coursed cannabis infused meals here in Canada, so the options are really endless.

300MG THC Edible Chocolate Bar

5. Discreetness

Last but not least, and maybe the most popular reason those in the Legal Canadian cannabis community choose to use to marijuana edibles, is due to the discreteness.

Marijuana edibles are one of the only cannabis products available on the market that don't produce a distinctive odour and that blend in with products people are already using in public.

For example, you could be in a meeting at the office, take a delicious 10mg thc hard candy, and nobody would notice because it looks just like a candy.

But if you were to light up a joint everyone would freak out.

As long as you know your dosage, and don't over do it, you can use your legalized cannabis edibles anywhere.