Ghost Vapes MV1 Dry Herb / Concentrate Vaporizer Review

Ghost Vapes MV1 Dry Herb / Concentrate Vaporizer Review

What is the Ghost MV1 Vaporizer?

The Ghost MV1 Vaporizer is a premium dual use vaporizer that works with both flower and concentrates.

Right out of the box you will notice the size and weight of this well built unit. Its heavy for a vaporizer but feels durable and like its made from good materials including the glass mouthpiece and steel front.

This edition of the MV1 has a nice nickel finish that adds its own bit of style to the vape.

How To Use The Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

On the front of the vape is a switch which opens up a door to the flower/concentrate chamber, which Ghost vapes has labeled the crucible.

The crucible is a ceramic dish that you can load your product in to be vaporized.

The MV1 ignition button can be found toward the bottom on the front of the vaporizer.

Also included in the box is an accessory kit featuring 3 cleaning wipes, 3 picks, 3 cotton swabs, 1 crucible, 1 crucible lid, and 1 concentrate pad, as well as a USB charger.

To us the MV1 your going to want to make sure you give your unit a full charge.

Once your vaporizer is charged, you can slide the latch on the front and remove the crucible to be loaded.

For cannabis flower, grind your herb finely and load the crucible loosely. Place the lid on the crucible and return to the unit.

To turn the MV1 on, press and hold the ignition button until a single green led shows, then release and the current battery level will be shown.

To vape, extend your glass mouth piece and click the ignition button 3 times to activate vape mode. In vape mode, press and hold the vape button on the back for several seconds until you feel a long buzz meaning its time to vape. Continue to hold the vape button and inhale for atleast 10 seconds.

The longer the hit the more intense the flavor. Release the vape button when done and repeat as desired.

How To Vaporizer Concentrates / Extract

To vape concentrates such as wax, shatter, budder, crumble or rosin, select the temp setting for extracts than press and hold the vape button. You will feel a long buzz when it is time to begin inhaling. Release When done.

Our Thoughts On The MV1

The MV1 is a great vaporizer, I have only spent a couple days with it but so far it has been amazing. Althought this vape comes with a bit of a learning curve, once you figure it out you to will love this unit.

Its dope that you can use both dry herb and concentrates in this unit but it really shines as a flower vape. The MV1 give off amazing hits full of flavour that are nice and smooth with perfect temps.

Speaking of temps, You can control you temp settings through an app on your phone!

I give the MV1 Vaporizer from Ghost Vapes an 8 out of 10. Its a bad ass unit and I look forward to using it more often now that I have one of my own.

Check out , get yourself an MV1 and you will see why this vaporizer is one of the dopest products on the market today