How To Keep Cannabis Fresh: The Best Ways To Store Your Weed and Keep Bud Fresh Longer

A Batch Of Fresh Bud

How To Keep Cannabis Fresh: The Best Ways To Store Your Weed and Keep Bud Fresh Longer

If you are wondering how to keep your cannabis fresh or looking for the best ways to store your weed , than this is the article for you.

Lets face it, bud is not that cheap in Canada and not storing your cannabis properly can cause pot to mold or dry up, and absolutely no body wants moldy or bone dry weed.

This can be easily prevented by utilizing proper storage techniques to keep your weed fresh.

Ever bought really dry bud and wondered how to re-hydrate your cannabis properly?

The methods in this article will teach you how to safely do this without contaminating your weed using poor techniques such as adding fruits or vegetables that are prone to bacteria and fungus into your jar of weed.

These proper storage methods will also work for cannabis growers with newly cured harvests to help keep their buds fresh.

How to Properly Store Your Weed

Use a Air Tight Storage Device

For decades weed has been mostly sold and stored in the same manor around the world, in some sort of plastic bag, usually sandwich bags or larger freezer bags, depending on the quantity of marijuana purchased or being stored.

However, this method of storing weed is far from being the best and will not help to keep your marijuana fresh.

In our opinion , and many other experts opinions, the best way to store cannabis is to keep it in an air tight storage container with a neutral charge , such as a glass jar.

Glass jars are great because because they are air tight ,easy to store and simple to use. They are also a good way to store weed without smelling it.

Keeping your bud in an air tight unit is a great way from preventing degradation as exposure to too much air can impact marijuana compounds.

Another storage device that can keep your weed from drying out and fresh for longer is the C vault. The C vault is a stainless steal, air tight, storage container which is light proof.

Since the start of the Green rush, there have been many products developed to aid in the storage of cannabis, however these are 2 storage methods that are tried , tested and true by us at The Green Canadian

Utilize Humidity Control

When it comes to storing cannabis and keeping your weed fresh , humidity is a vital factor.

Storing your pot at the proper humidity will help prevent serious issues such as contamination.

Too much humidity can cause mildew, mold and other nasty contaminants to grow on your weed, while keeping your weed not humid enough can cause degradation of terpenes and other important properties.

An optimal humidity range for marijuana is between 59 and 63% Relative humidity. .

Keeping your weed at this humidity will help keep your bud fresh and smelling strong.

There are some great products out there to help you keep your weed properly humid and fresh such as boveda and integra boost humidity packs, cannabis humidors, and others.


Boveda packs are a great option when it comes to humidity control for marijuana.

Boveda has patented a 2 way humidity control that works by adding or removing humidity to an enclosed environments, such as your glass jar, to maintain a predetermined relative humidity.

The team at boveda claim that there humidity packs will never over humidify your cannabis and we have to agree that in the last 2 years of using them we have never had an issue.

Boveda packs come in a number of sizes for different quantities of weed from 7 gram size all the way up to 5 pounds sized humidity packs.

Integra Boost

Integra boost humidity packs are newer to us and are very similar to boveda, in that they utilize patented technology to provide 2 way humidity control which also adds and removes humidity as needed.

What makes integra boost different than Boveda is the fact that they use a salt free solution which some cannabis purists have complained about with Boveda packs.

Integra Boost humidity packs also come in a variety of sizes for different quantities of weed such as a 4 gram pack for up to 12 grams of bud, an 8 gram pack for ounces and a 67 gram pack for up to 1 lb of marijuana.

Boveda and Integra Boost humidity packs are both great options for storing your weed and keeping bud fresh, however there are other products out there that do just as well at keeping your weed humid and fresh.

DO NOT add fruit, vegetables, bread or any other items to your weed as this promotes contamination such as bacteria, mold, mildew and more.

Store in a dry spot and Keep out of Direct Light

Another way to properly store your weed and keep it fresh for a long time is too keep it in a cool and dry spot out of direct light like in a drawer or a closet.

Direct UV rays from light can break down and degrade your marijuana over time.

A lot of people who are uneducated on how to store cannabis properly try to store there weed in the fridge or freezer.

Do not do this.

Storing your weed in the fridge or freezer exposes your bud to constantly changing temperatures and really humid environments making your cannabis prone to mildew or mold.

Freezing your bud could also result in a major loss of trichomes as they freeze and fall off easy.

As mentioned before when we discussed using air tight storage units, exposing your weed to too much air can also lead lead to compounds like terpenes being degraded

It is also best to store your weeds separate, meaning one strain of cannabis per jar.

Do not store other items in the jar with your bud, aside from humidity packs.

Best Temperatures for storing weed

Another important factor in storing your weed and keeping your pot fresh is the temperature in which its being stored at.

There is no specific best temperature, however, like we stated, storing your bud in a cool and dry spot is best.

As we mentioned, constantly fluctuating temperatures are not ideal for cannabis storage.

if the temperature is too hot and dry, your weed could turn to dust, if its warm and humid , your marijuana might start to mold and grow mildew which are prone to growing on buds in temperatures between 25 - 30 degrees Celsius .

This is why when trying to store weed and keep it fresh for a long time its best to store it in a cool and dry area.


Utilizing these simple but effective marijuana storage techniques will not only help keep your bud fresh but will also allow you to store weed for a long time!

These are not the only ways to store your cannabis, however, these are the most effective techniques we have found in our 10+ years dealing with bud.

The weed storage techniques in this article are intended for cannabis only and not meant to be a guideline on how to store edibles, topical s, or concentrates, all of which have varying shelf life and requires there own proper storage.

Do you feel like we have missed anything in regards to storing weed that cannabis patients need to know? Do you have a superior weed storage technique? Please, Let us know in the comments!