What Is THC-A Diamonds and Terp Sauce? (VIDEO)

What Are THCA Diamonds and Terp Sauce?

THC diamonds and Terp Sauce are the latest craze when it comes to cannabis concentrates.

THC Diamonds and Terp Sauce are the result of an extraction process that are completed simultaneously in order to produce the highest quality marijuana extracts.

THC diamonds are translucent rocks of THCA that boast incredible potency, hitting THCA levels in the 99% percent range, making it one of , if not the strongest marijuana product available on the market today.

Terp Sauce or Sauce is the result of the separation of THCA Crystalline from its liquid base.

It is a terpene rich, full spectrum sauce that is often re-introduced to diamonds later to add flavour .

What Is THC-A ? Is It Like CBD?

THC-A, also known as Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid is cannabinoid found in raw and live cannabis that is the precursor to THC.

In order for THC to become THC, THC-A need to be heated in a process known as decarboxylation.

THCA is kind of like CBD in the sense that in its original form, it is not intoxicating.

THC-A on its own is not psychoactive, however once the decarboxylation process occurs

and it turns into THC, it becomes psychoactive.

THCA Diamonds Forming In Terp Sauce

How Are THC-A Diamonds and Terp Sauce Made?

Like most marijuana extracts, the extraction process begins with a hydrocarbon extraction to produce an uncured concentrate much like live resin.

After the initial extraction, the live resin like concentrate is purged with heat to remove any residual solvent that may be left behind.

After this, the extract is placed into an airtight container and left in the dark in order for the

separation to take place.

As the terpenes from the extract create a liquid solution, known as “Sauce” or “ Terp Sauce” ,

THCA crystals will begin to take form at the bottom.

This process can take up to 2-3 weeks depending on personal preferences .

Once the separation is completed to satisfaction, the concentrates will be ready for a final


Before the final purge, many extractors will seperate the sauce and the crystaline in order to

properly purge them seperatley, allowing a longer purge on the crystaline.

The Terp Sauce takes about 2 days to purge while the crystalline takes about 3.

Once this is complete , the extractors will then often combined the 2 extractions together to

create a potent and flavourful full spectrum extract.

The extracts can also be kept seperate.

A dab of THC Diamonds and Sauce

How To Use THC Diamonds and Sauce

THC Diamonds and Sauce can be used in many ways but they are most commonly consumed via vaporization or dabbing.

Dabbing diamonds and sauce is much like dabbing other extracts, you will need a rig in order to consume them.

Simply load the diamonds into your consumption device and inhale.

Terp Sauce can also be used to create amazing vape cartridges loaded with potency and


What Is The Effect Of Dabbing THCA Diamonds and Terp Sauce? Does it get you High?

As mentioned, dabbing THC Diamonds and Sauce is much like dabbing other extracts. Diamonds are an extremely potent form of cannabis and can result in an intense high.

First time users should start low and go slow for best results.

Isolated THCA Diamond

How Much Do THC-A Diamonds Cost

Being one of the most popular marijuana products on the market, THC Diamonds and Sauce often do not come cheap.

In Canada, a gram of THC diamonds and Terp sauce can go for between $30 - $150 with varying factors such as the source and the quality.

Are THCA Diamonds Safe? What are the Benefits?

When made correctly, THC diamonds and Terp Sauce are as safe as any other cannabis

extract on the market and often used by medical patients dealing with varying ailments.

When THC-A is converted to THC through decarboxylation, it provides potent pain fighting properties as well as other benefits including appetite stimulation, anti nausea, and sleep aid.

A Gram of THC-A Diamonds in Terp Sauce Jar