the Hydrology9 vaporizer is changing the way that people see vaporizers. It has been crafted expertly, indicating right off the bat that this new vaporizer is unlike any other. The vape features a totally leak-proof water filtration system, which helps cool down the vapor as it moves through the vapor path before it ever reaches your lips. The oven features an integrated stirring tool to ensure that your herbs are vaporized evenly every single time.


The company responsible for the Hydrology9, Cloudious9, vowed to and succeeded in creating this vaporizer with only the highest quality materials possible. The vape is made out of aircraft quality aluminum, ensuring its users will never have to worry about it rusting. The porcelain oven delivers totally even heating and a crisp flavor that is impossible with any other oven material. Its boro-silicate glass vapor path ensures that only the pure flavor produced by this vaporizer makes it all the way to the user's lips.


The Hydrology9 Vaporizer for dry herbs uses a topnotch 2000mAh lithium polymer battery, the same type used by safe cell phones. It only takes two or three hours to reach a full charge, which can outlast an impressive 15 or more sessions. Finally, this battery can heat the porcelain chamber to temperature in only 60 seconds, making this a vape that can deliver a powerful, yet smooth punch in no time at all.


Package Includes

  • Hydrology9 Vaporizer
  • AC Adapter & Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Kit

Hydrology 9 Vaporizer